Race 3 – Sept 14/15 – (Summit Lake Farm)

More information will become available as the Racing Season details are known. Announcements will be made as details are worked out.  Look for a Race Flyer in August

Summit Lake Farm and Campground
3730 N Marsh Lake Rd, Stone Lake, WI 548760

What camping is available?  How to reserve a camp site.  You must register in advance.

Just a few quick notes to help clarify a few details regarding our upcoming Cheq race weekend: Sept 14 and Sept 15, 2019.
As with all of the races for next year, there will be two days of racing. Pre-ride will be available on both Saturday and Sunday. This race is subject to bye-week selection, so some teams will not race.

The MN League will be part of the 2019 Cheq Festival weekend, but our races will be separate from the Short and Fat or Cheq 40. In fact, we will be racing on a brand new venue, just south of Hayward. (Note: More details to come on the location, but there is plenty of tent camping and RV parking.)
Registration for the MN League races will be done, as always, through the Pit Zone. While the exact schedule of events is still being finalized for our races, all high school categories will race on Sunday, opening up the opportunity for racers to also compete in the Short and Fat or the Cheq 40 (which are both held on Saturday).

Middle school racing will be held on Saturday, but in the afternoon, opening up the opportunity for people to cheer on competitors at the Short and Fat or Cheq 40 (which is held in the morning).

We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting and historic weekend of racing. Be sure to register for our monthly email newsletter to stay updated on racing information for 2019