Program Volunteers Needed

2019 Season – Program Volunteers Needed

2019 Season – Program Volunteers Needed

Many in our community volunteer for Race Day Roles.  The Program Roles listed here are a little different. Selected program volunteers will be working side-by-side with Core Staff to learn the fine details of the job and may be needed at different times of the year. There may be skill requirements. These program roles require training and an extended timeline.

We are currently looking for people to help in the following areas:

– GRIT Coordinators
– Dirt School Support
– Venue Setup/Course Setup Support
– Scoring Assistance
– Sponsorship Development
– Registration Assistance
– Volunteer Coordination
– Other Areas

Submit this form to show your interest.  We will be contacting you for further discussion and more details.

How does one become a Core Staff Member?  See Minnesota League Core Staff.