NEW!  SUPER PASS :  Buy a Super Pass for $150 that includes all races.

Total Cost:  $100 NICA / MN League Fee + $150 Super Pass (5 Races) = $250

  • The cost of the Super Pass is equivalent to the cost of registering online for 3 races (Pay By Race).
  • The $150 Super Pass must be purchased Online and before Thurs. August 15, 2019, before Midnight (the first race PIT ZONE deadline).
  • If a racer misses the SuperPass Purchase Deadline, they will Pay By Race.


A racer can pay for only the races they attend.  However, individual race registration will not be available in the Pit Zone until Fri. Aug. 16, 2019. Race registration still can be done online or at the race venue with a late fee. 

Total Cost:  $100 NICA / MN League Fee + $50 (or $60 if paying onsite) Per Race

For example: If a racer only can be at 3 races and they registered onsite for each race. Their total cost would be $100 + $180 ($60 x 3). The total cost would be $280.


  • Purchasing the Super Pass keeps the cost for 5 races equivalent to 2018 Costs.
  • The MN League/NICA fee changed from $50 to $100 per rider.
  • Pay by Race Race Registration changed from $40 to $50 per race.


  • Rider Name on Plate Registration Deadline: NICA/MN League fees must be ‘paid’ in the Pit Zone by August 1, 2019 to have the racer name printed on the race plate. Paying by credit card is best, or allow extra time for your check to be received and posted.
  • Pit Zone Online Registration is open until Tuesday, Midnight of each Race Weekend. Payments at the race are subject to $10 late fees.

Why is there a fee increase in 2019?

NICA/MN League FeeIn the past seven years, there has been a 4x increase in insurance costs and a 5x increase in the NICA fee for student-athletes and coaches. The MN League chose to absorb the majority of these fee increases without passing them on to our participants. Unfortunately, for the 2019 season, the MN League is unable to fully absorb the new NICA fees without transferring some of the cost to our racers and coaches.

Minnesota is one of the most economical states in all of NICA. An adjustment to the registration fee structure and fees will help mitigate the NICA increases, and better align participation costs with the costs of programming provided by the MN League.

This winter, the MN Board of Directors, worked diligently to develop a pricing model that would not increase the total rider cost, while also ensuring the path taken with fees and structure was sustainable.  A racer has the opportunity to pay the same total amount as last year, if they use the new Superpass payment option, paying for all five races at one time before the start of the racing season. A racer can still pay for single races.  

Many of the other leagues have already implemented or will be moving towards a single pay model (you pay everything, all up front, regardless if you race) in conjunction with price increases.  We are proud to continue to offer 1-race-at-a-time options.

For those student-athletes that are facing a financial hardship, the MN League continues to offer a loaner bike program and scholarship program to get #morekidsonbikes – who want to ride or race.