The Following are significant rulebook changes for 2019.

View the  Minnesota Rulebook 2019 Season.

Rule 6.13 CALL-UPS:

Start line call-ups for all racers takes place at each race. See Rule 6.14 for first race call-up rule. At all subsequent races, call-ups are based on a current season average of race finish position.

• Only finish placings in the races during the season will be included in the call-up calculation.
• A backstop will be used to limit the negative impact of a single race on a student-athletes starting position.

The student-athlete will have a maximum fall back based on the size of field as follows:

  • Field size: 101+, Max drop: 15
  • Field size: 51-100, Max drop: 10
  • Field size: 50 or fewer, Max drop: 5

Field size is calculated once per season, based on the number of registered riders in PitZone at the close of pre-registration for the first race of the season. Student-athletes that miss their call-up will start at the back of their wave.


For 8th grade – Varsity classes: Call-ups for the first race of the season are based on the previous season average race finish. If a rider has a bye-week for the first race, the previous years rank is used for the first race they are scheduled to race.

For riders who advanced a race category or by petition into a new category, call-up position for the first race of the season will be calculated based on previous season average finish rank, less the maximum backstop for the new race category field size as stated in Rule 6.13.

For 6th & 7th grade – call-ups for the first race of the season will be calculated in a randomized manner. If a rider has a bye-week, or does not attend the first race, the random number is used for the first race they attend.
New racers in other categories will receive a call-up, at random, behind racers with race history.
All the league rules and policies can be found in the Minnesota High School Cycling League Rule Book