Save Wednesday evenings preceding the race for Coaches Calls.   Calls will provide Up-to-date information on the venue, race particulars and a question/answer opportunity. Current Agenda’s will be posted on the League Calendar.   Be sure a team representative attends to represent your team’s interests.


Wed, Aug 14, 2019 7PM:  Season Kickoff
Wed, Aug 21, 7pm:  Race 1 – Austin
Wed, Sept 4, 7pm:  Race 2 – Lake Rebecca
Wed, Sept 11, 7pm:  Race 3 – Summit Lake – WI
Wed, Sept 25, 7pm:  Race 4 River Falls, WI
Wed, Oct 2, 7pm  Race 5: Detroit Mtn
Wed, Oct  9, 7pm   Race 6: Spirit Mtn
Wed, Oct23, 7pm  Race 7: Mt Kato
Attendees will dial a conference line and introduce themselves, then share information with their team.
Coaching Director Joel Woodward will host the calls with League Director Joshua Kleve.  Core Staff members may attend with Special Information Topics, such as:
  • volunteers,
  • medical,
  • registration,
  • officiating,
  • infield, team tents,
  • parking,
  • race course, staging, and schedule.