Admit it: you’re having a blast riding on your Minnesota Interscholastic Cycling Team. As you approach your senior year you’ll begin to wonder, “what’s next?” 

Lucky for us Maddie Arpin, a member of the University of Minnesota Cycling Team(UMCT), has all the answers to all the questions you were afraid to ask about UMCT and collegiate cycling.

Take it away Maddie!

Maddie Arpin, 3rd from right, and her UMCT teammates.

The UMCT is a student run club. We race as part of the North Central Collegiate Cycling Conference and have been conference champs for 17 consecutive years.  We also participate in dual-conference races and have sent members to Nationals!

Although we race primarily road, we have members who focus on mountain biking, cycle-cross and track.  Our coach is happy to help create training plans for any discipline.
Calder Glowac, our vice president, started racing in the MN High School Mountain bike league the year that it was created for the Rochester team.  He joined UMCT his freshman year in college because he wanted to keep racing.  “In UMCT I have become a much stronger rider and teammate and I have learned how to structure my training.  Because of this, I have been really happy with my results.”

I want to get into racing with a Collegiate team next year. What should I do?

We have athletes that participate in 4 disciplines- Track, Cyclocross, MTB, and Road. They range from just starting to ride a bike to athletes that compete in national, high level competition. You’re in the right place! Keep reading and learn more.

What equipment do I need?

You can ride all the disciplines on most collegiate teams.

To ride with the team, all you need is a bike. To race, we recommend a drop bar road bike and clip-less pedals.

When are practices?

Practices are during the winter Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. They are completely optional. We have a coach that leads us with interval and strength training. As the weather gets nicer (in both the fall and spring), we’ll start to transition practices outside.

When are the races?

Most of our season is focused on Road Racing, which takes place from March to May. We are looking to add more mountain racing and riding to the schedule in upcoming years for the fall! We’ve also got a spring break trip to Colorado.

How much does it cost?

Race Dues are $250 and will pay for all racing, travel, and lodging. You also get a free jersey, bottle, and socks. Just pay for food! We’ve also got a fun spring break training trip, this year to Colorado. That’ll cost around $300 this year. If you want more kits, we have a few clothing orders each year. Club dues are $60 and include access to winter training sessions with our coach.

How does the team communicate?

Mostly the team communicates by email and Facebook. Join this group:

I’m scared to road start racing. Am I ready?

Camaraderie is a big part of any collegiate cycling team experience.

You’re ready. You’ll have a blast, I promise. We, the officers, will make sure you’re safe and ready to go. Just show up, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and know that most things have a way of working out, all you have to do is ask.

But wait! I still have questions!

We’re happy to answer all of them! Email us at, talk to an officer (Jack, Logan, Louis, Calder, Alex, or Maddie), or post in our Facebook group.

Have a great time racing in the High School Series — if you see anyone wearing a UMCT kit at races in the summer feel free to ask us questions!