From Joel Woodward – Coaching Director

Bike Skills are challenging and fun! For many, being a skilled rider is as rewarding as being a fast rider. The Minnesota High School League has added a Skills Challenge Course to the carnival that is ‘race day’, for riders to test their bike skills. At each race venue, there will be a small area for watching and attempting skills riding. The features of the 50 by 50 foot course test essential riding skills such as balance, tight turns, breaks control, ratcheting, range of motion on the bike, wheel lifts, focus and concentration.

Each rider is scored on a combination of

  • successfully completing each course feature (without putting a foot down)
  • how quickly they complete the course

The score includes Number-of-Faults as the primary measure, and the Time-to-Complete secondary. Riders with one fault are ordered by lowest time. At the end of the race day, the top 5 male and female skills riders will receive medals and stand on the podium.

The Skills Challenge Course showcases and encourages great riding skills. We encourage our riders to practice and apply what they learn to all their riding. More highly-skilled riders are safer riders.

We look forward to getting more kids on bikes and more skilled kids on bikes!

See you on race day!

Video of A Minnesota Skills Course Rider

Very Mad skills on display today at the first ever League Skills Challenge!

Posted by Minnesota High School Cycling League on Saturday, September 9, 2017

Course Examples

The following are examples of courses from our first season (2017) to help you get a good idea of the skills the riders are learning. For coaches, these examples may serve as templates for you to try at practice.

Game Haven Course 2018

Game Haven Course 2017

Rochester Course 2017