Did Not Finish (DNF)/ Did Not Start (DNS)

The acronyms DNS and DNF are used to identify the status of a registered racer who does not cross the race finish line.

DNS or Did Not Start:  If an pre-registered racer does not participate in the race for any reason, a verbal “DNS‘ status notification is needed from the racer, a racer’s representative or the racer’s coach before or during the race at the Registration Trailer in the Race Infield, 

DNF or Did Not Finish:  When a racer is registered, but does not finish a race they started for any reason, a  verbal “DNF‘ status notification is needed from the racer, a racer representative or the racer’s coach.  The “DNF” status should be reported to the Referee at the Scoring Tent near the race Finish Line.  The final results for the race will show ‘DNF’ by the racer’s name.

Why report a racers status?

The chip timing system has a list of all registered racers in a given race and in a given wave.  DNS and DNF notifications are used by Timing/Scoring to account for every racer after a race, ensuring that they are no longer on the course. 



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