Race Results

Preliminary Results: 

:Printed Preliminary Results for a race category are posted approximately 30 minutes after a race finish on a stand near the Registration Trailer.  The announcer makes an announcement when the results are posted.

The posting of printed results begins a PROTEST PERIOD of 30 minutes.  

A coach who has reason to protest the results, makes a formal protest to the Referee with justification for their challenge.  The Referee can be found in the Timing/Scoring Area of the Infield at the race.  

The Referee will decide whether the protest has merit.  If the protest has merit, the results will be updated.  

At the end of the Protest Period, an announcement is made over the loudspeakers.

Protests will not be considered after the 30 minute Protest Period.


Final Results

  • Final Individual Timing Results are the basis for awarding Individual Ribbons  at the Awards Ceremony ending the race day.
  • When the Individual Results are finalized and scored, the Team Results are calculated. Final Team Results are the basis for making Team Trophy awards at the Awards ending the race day.
  • Final Results will be posted to the MN League Website.  This usually occurs on the Tuesday evening following the race.  A facebook announcement is made at the Minnesota High School Cycling League Page when the results are posted.

Did You Know?   Real-time Preliminary Results may be available on your smartphone or portable device

  • Preliminary Timing results are available on the web as racers finish the course. The timing system expects the rider to be in their assigned wave and calculates accordingly.
  • Remember that these are Preliminary timing results only.  Penalties, Protests, and scoring rules will not be reflected.
  • Real-time results posted online depend on uploading of data to the internet, so wave starts and certain venues present challenges.  Often the results posted immediately will change once all racers finish the course, and the upload of the result data is completed.  
  • Download the app ‘ITS YOUR RACE’ to your phone, then find ‘Minnesota MTB’. Select a race category.  More details are available on http://www.itsyourrace.com