The MN League holds an awards ceremony at the end of the race day for individuals by race category and teams.  The awards podium will be set up near the MN League Trailer.

Middle School awards are presented first, followed by high school awards.

The awards are based on final race results.

Individual race medals counts depend on the number of racers in the category

  • Under 50 riders – Top 5 will be awarded
  • 50+ riders – Top 10 will awarded

Timing of the awards

After each race category, (example:  Middle School 7th Grade Boys)

  • Preliminary results are posted near the Registration Trailer.
  • An announcement is made that the results are posted and the Protest period has begun.
  • A 30 minute race protest period begins where race results can be questioned, and sometimes are adjusted based on the legitimacy of the protest.

After the last race protest period is concluded and final individual results are available, team results are calculated.  These results are carefully checked for accuracy.

Once the last racer is off the course, confirmed by Volunteer Sweeps, and while the final results are being calculated, the breakdown of the race course begins by Core Staff and volunteers.  The MN League objective is to leave the course and the venue in better condition than the League found it.   Your help in cleanup is greatly appreciated.

The Awards Ceremony follows the completion of the course breakdown.