Registration for Individuals

All individuals who want to ride with the League must register and pay an annual fee with the Minnesota High School Cycling League. Doing so provides insurance coverage for coach-lead rides and League races, and supporting League programs.  They must also register, ‘pay a race fee’, for each race.

League Registration:

Once annually, a parent or guardian is expected to complete the required information listed below and provide a signature. The student-athlete also completes a form.  The forms are available Online or Onsite.

  • NICA Registration Form
  • MN League Registration Form
  • Code of Conduct Form
  • Health Insurance Form
  • Media Release form
  • Emergency Contact Form
  • NICA League Fee paid
  • Participation Waiver
  • MN League Fee paid

Race Registration:  

Race Registration refers to a payment required for each race.  Races can be paid for an entire season or for each race individually.  It is preferable to use Online Registration for the League and for races, which can be paid for the season, or one-race-at-a- time.

Race Ready:

Completion of all registration paperwork and payment of the race fee qualifies a racer as  ‘Race Ready’.

Online Registration

Use the NICA PITZONE for Online Registration, including the submission of the forms and signatures named above and payments, The NICA PITZONE is a web tool used for both League Registration and Race Registration. It is also the single source of information for the MN League Season about:

  • Student Athletes  – including rider demographics, forms, category, number plate assignment, contact and emergency contact, insurance, and health information.  Families can be grouped together for convenience.
  • Coaches – including Coach Demographics, licenses, contact and emergency contact info
  • Teams – including Team Demographics, coach info, rider info, Bye Week Info, and Race Payments

Online Registration Notes:

  • Be sure to enter accurate information and spell correctly.  Double Check your entries.
  • The Pit Zone automatically assigns categories based on the rider’s grade level.  If the ride has been advanced to a higher category, that upgrade will be manually adjusted before Race Plates are issued in August.   ie  If a Jv3 rider registers, the category assigned will initially match their grade level.   The Minnesota League will reset the category to JV3 by August.
  • The NICA PITZONE is closed Tuesdays at Midnight for Online Registration for that week’s race (in order to prepare rider lists for the upcoming race).  Once the PITZONE is closed, On Site Registration is available during Race weekend.

        See Payment Options

A link to the NICA PITZONE can be found at the bottom of any page on this website.

On Site Registration

Racers who miss the Tuesday midnight deadline can register On Site at the Registration Trailer at the venue.   Onsite registration includes League and Race Registration.  A parent or guardian may be required to complete required information  (see above) at the Registration Trailer in the Infield during registration hours, posted in the Race Flyer for the race.

On Site Registration Notes:

  • A $10 late fee is charged for all On Site Race Registration.
  • League Registration must be completed and paid before a rider is allowed to Race.
  • Payment can be made onsite by credit card, check (made out to MNHSC), or with cash.
  • On Site registration closes one hour before a race category starts racing.

Questions about registration?

Send an email to   At the race?  Visit the Registration Trailer in the Race Pitzone.

Updated 4/28/2019

Program Registration

Note: *Program Registration links are found on the program pages, on Facebook, or in Single Track Times.

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