***Work In Progress***

St Cloud 2016

Callup List

The CALLUP list shows the order of all riders for a given race category and race date.

The CALLUP list will change for the each following race, based on the overall performance of the rider as the race season progresses.

The assures the faster riders in the category go off at the beginning of the wave. Slower riders can move up as they acquire the skills and endurance needed for a faster race.

The callup list is published to the Coaches on Thursday's before the race weekend.  Each racer needs to know what wave they are racing in when they can report to Staging, which is staged by Waves.  Racing in the correct wave is required to log a correct time when the racer crosses the finish line.

  • As the Callup List is created, Bye weeks are taken into account, so a racer from a team in their bye-week will not be included in the Callup.
  • Racers with no race finishes for the season will not be included in the Callup List.
  • On site walk up registrants who are assigned a new number plate at a race will race at the back of the last wave as they were not identified as racing in time to be included for that race.

More details on the creation of the Callup list will be available soon