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Logan Cummings on Mountain Biking: It just fits

Say hello to our newest writer Logan Cummings. Logan's a junior at Minnetonka High School and has raced for their mountain bike team since his freshman year. Read how Logan learned mountain biking was for him. Throughout my life I have tried a plethora of sports. When I was young I played soccer, but I rarely participated due to the fact that I paid more attention to the shapes of the clouds th...
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Kieran Oakley: Learn from Me on How to Prevent Biking Injuries

Kieran Oakley is a senior at Bloomington High School and a 4 year rider in the Minnesota League. She's also served as an exemplary League volunteer. Here's Kieran's personal take on riding and that bad word, wrecking. Now I don't mean to scare you away, but if you ride your bike often like me, the odds of you wrecking eventually are not in your favor. Hopefully you won’t suffer an injury, or se...
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Chris Boucher’s Most Excellent First NICA Race

What's it like to compete in your first National Interscholastic Cycling League race?  Here's how Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Team student athlete Chris Boucher experienced it. At my first Minnesota High School Cycling League race, I had so much support from my team. One of the main things I remember from it was an experienced racer telling me “The worst part is waiting in line. As soon as you s...
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Carley and Libbey Endersbe: ride for the freedom, ride for the love

In case you don't know them, Carley and Libbey Endersbe are identical twins, Minnesota League Alumni (Burnsville/Lakeville Composite Team 2012- 2013) where they were regulars on the medal podium, and currently attend Ft Lewis College (a NICA sponsor!) in Durango, Colorado and race for the school's top ranked cycling team. Both student athletes pursue both academic and athletically rigorous paths. ...
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Mountain Biking, NICA , Spring Break and Building Community

Spring Break is a great time to ride bikes and meet new people. For my spring break, I went to San Diego, California. My dad and I wanted to ride with some fellow National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) members from the SoCal league, which races in the spring. We began by contacting Bruce Martens, the league’s National Coaching and Licensing Manager. He connected us with the SoCal Leag...
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2016 Olympian Kelly Catlin: Mindfulness is the key

Kelly Catlin is a goal driven person, as you'll soon read. A Minnesota High School League Alumnus (she competed for the Roseville Area Composite Team in both 2012 and 2013) she recently earned a spot on the 2016 Olympic Cycling Team (track). Kelly's on a sabbatical from the University of Minnesota while she trains for the games. Kelly took some time (actually a lot of time) from her busy pre-Ol...
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Community Building Isn’t Just for the Racers

One of the by-products of the success of NICA and the Minnesota League is community. It's so cool to watch the friendships that grow and develop amongst the racers from different teams as the season progresses. However, there's another community that's built as well. The parents of the racers, thrown together by their kids teams, have been quietly bonding over their own love for bikes. The Rosevil...
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