Mt Kato Initial Climb 2017 | Photo Credit: Todd Bauer,

RACE #7 – Mt Kato State Championship

Saturday – Sunday. October 27-28, 2018


Event Where Times
Trick or Treat – Wear a costume (your dog too) Registration Trailer Sat 12-4:30PM
Sun 12–2:00PM
Graduating Senior Group Photo Meet near the Starting Line, and Listen for Announcements.  Sat  9:45AM
Sun 9:15AM
League Family Group Photo
(Parents and siblings) 
Meet near the Starting Line and Listen for Announcements.  Sat 9:15AM 
Sun 10:45AM
Pick up 2018 Unclaimed Race Medals Registration Trailer  Fri 2-5:30PM
Sat 7-4:30PM
Sun 7–2:00PM

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Tuesday 10/23/18 at Midnight.   Pit Zone closes for online race registration for Race #1. A late fee will apply to all onsite registration.

Flyers are not available at the race.  Print this page. The Best Print Layout?  Portrait Style with narrow margins.

Any changes will be announced on the MN High School League Facebook Page

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See which teams will be racing at each race.  Team Bye-Weeks Chart

Questions once you get to the race? Stop by our Race Day Information Kiosk for the latest on race day schedules, updates and results.  Located near the Registration Trailer.

RACE DESCRIPTION:   The State Championship is the one event every year where all student-athletes compete with each other.  With up to 1,500 racers, this year could be our largest race to date for the League. .And better yet, there are many spectator-friendly spots at Mt Kato to watch the races, and cheer the riders on.

The course starts with a nice warm-up climb to the top of the ski area. Once on top, all racers make a large traverse along the back of the ski area. The course has a good balance of climbs, descents and technical sections with switchbacks. Approximate vertical gain per lap is 400 feet. Course distance is 4 miles.

All trails on MT Kato are closed to all riders for the weekend,  The course is open to authorized MN League riders only during Pre-Ride and during specified races.

TRAIL ADDRESS:  Mt. Kato Ski Resort, 20461 Hwy 1, Mankato, MN 56001

Map From MT Kato Website: 10/23/2018

DIRECTIONS:  Road Construction Update:

Currently the best way to get here is via County Road 90
  • Take U.S. Highway 169 South
  • Take The First Left After Crossing the Blue Earth River.
    Turn Left Onto Southbend Ave. (County Road 69) at the Le Hillier Quick Mart.
  • Turn Left Again At Hemlock Road (County Road 33)
  • Turn Left Again Onto Hawthord Road (County Road 90)
  • Turn Left Onto Old Hwy 66 (County Road 1)
  • Finally Turn Right At Mount Kato
Alternative Route Partially On Gravel
  • Take Stoltzman Road South
  • Take A Hard Right Onto Doc Jones Road (Parts Of Which Are Unpaved)
  • Turn Right  Onto Indian Lake Road At The Bottom Of The Hill
  • Turn Left Onto Old Highway 66 (County Road 1)
  • Finally Turn Left At Mount Kato

PARKING:  Park in the main parking lot of Mt Kato- plenty of room! The public road along side the venue is a no-parking area. No vehicles allowed in the PitZone.  

VOLUNTEER:  We need your help! Parents, spectators and racers. Help make the races happen. Review the list of available race day volunteer positions or sign up today on Volunteer Spot!

Penn Cycle Mechanics will be at the race using Park Tool products to provide last minute adjustments and repairs.



In order to race, each racer needs to be Race Ready in the Pit Zone.

  • Pit Zone information entered
  • MN League and Race Fee paid
  • Release forms completed electronically in the Pit Zone (once per season)

Each racer is expected to know their category and wave for their race.  This information will help them go to the correct staging location prior to their race.

Racers can ask their coaches or view the list available near the Registration Trailer on race day for this information.   If a racer misses their call-up to the staging area, they will have to stage at the back of their wave or at the back of the next wave.



  • Set up your team tents in your pre-assigned tent space – (FB Coaches Page or a map near the reg trailer).
  • Saturday and Sunday, Time TBD AM – Mandatory Coaches Meeting near Registration Trailer
  • Final lap count decision per category will be announced at the start of each race. Lap Count may change due to weather conditions.
  • Report Last Minute Updates to Race Day Team 1st/Backup Contacts to the Referee at the Maxxis tent.
  • Report riders who are not racing as “Did Not Start/DNS”  to the Referee at the Maxxis Tent before or during their race.
  • Report riders who did not finish the race as “Did Not Finish/DNF” to the Referee at the Maxxis Tent during or after the race.
  • Coaches have a short window to register a protest once the preliminary results of each race are posted.  Race results will be final once all protests are completed. No protests are accepted after the race day.


We need your help! Help make the races happen.  Review the list of available race day volunteer positions or sign up before the race on Volunteer Spot!

Be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter for race day and season updates.

Check out our MN League Race FAQs regarding race site, racer info, spectator info, and terminology

– Drones are prohibited at all Minnesota High School Cycling League Events
– A Concession stand will be on site.
– No gasoline generators inside the team pit area,  and no open fires.
– No dogs off-leash.
– Be considerate of our venue and use the trash receptacles.


  • Preliminary Race Results will be posted at the Race Information Kiosk near the Registration Trailer approximately 30 minutes after the last rider has completed the race. Once the announcement is made that results are posted, this is the start of a short Protest Period, where COACHES may contest the results with the MN League Referee.  No protests are accepted after the race day.
  • Race results will be final once all protests are completed.
  • Final Race Results will be posted to the MN League website (usually by end of day Tuesday following a race).

-Download ITS YOUR RACE app
-Find “Minnesota MTB”
-Select a race category

Regarding ITS YOUR RACE Results:  Preliminary timing results only; Penalties/scoring rules may not be reflected; Info changes during the race: Internet status affects the info availability.



Tuesday 10/23/18 at Midnight
At this date and time, online registration in the Pit Zone will close for online race registration.

The registration trailer will be open to process race fees and accept waiver submissions. All onsite registration includes a  $10 late fee.

  • Friday from 2PM – 5:30PM
  • Saturday from 7:00am – 4:30PM
  • Sunday from  7:00am – 2:00pm
  • All racers must register at least one hour prior to their race start time.
  • Waivers with parental signature can be submitted
  • Cash, Credit Cards or Checks made payable to “MN League” are accepted.
Austin Race Fun
2017 – Austin Spam Trail | Photo Credit: Todd Bauer,
 2018 Racing Fees Pay Online by Tuesday Midnight Pay at Race
 MN League Registration Fee* $50 $50 + $10 Late Fee = $60
MN League Race Fee, Per Race $40 $50 + $10 Late Fee = $50
 *Note:  MN League Registration Fee is only paid once for the season, not at every race.

Number Plates:
All registered racers receive a permanent number plate with a pre-installed chip on the back at the beginning of the season.

  • Each racer will use the same number plate for the entire season.
  • The number plate is secured to the front handle bars of the bike for pre-ride and for the race.
  • A matching number plate is attached to the back of a rider’s jersey, just above the waist.
  • Remove and protect the number plates after each race, taking care not to damage the chip.
  • Replacement number plates are available at Registration for $35 (must allow 1 hr to replace a plate).

Questions on how to REGISTER for a RACE?
New Rider registration occurs online in the Pitzone, rather than in person at the race. Once registration for the MN League is complete (Waivers, Emergency Contacts, Insurance Info, etc),  there is a fee for each race.  Race fees can be paid all at once or one-at-a-time. Be aware that registering on race day includes a late fee.

To access Pitzone, every rider needs to be invited to register in the Pit Zone online.
– Contact your Team Director or Head Coach to be invited.
– Independent riders request an invite to Pitzone via email.



  • Only riders who have registered and have race numbers displayed on their bikes.
  • 6th Graders are allowed to Pre-Ride with 6th Grade Plates.
  • Registered Coaches with Coach Plates (Provided by the Head Coach)
We recommend that all racers pre-ride the course.
Riders should pass any workers on the course with great care.


Schedule may change due to weather/trail conditions
Pre-Ride Opens  Last Rider starts the course
 Friday  3-6PM 5:15PM
 Saturday  8-10:30AM  9:45AM
 Sunday  8-10AM 9:15AM


Pick up unclaimed 2018 Race Medals at the Registration Trailer

Friday – Pre-Ride 3-6PM (Last Rider Starts the Course at 5:15PM)

Saturday – Pre-Ride 8-10:30AM (Last Rider Starts the Course at 9:45AM)

Saturday Special Events Notes
9:15AM League Family Group Photo (Parents and siblings) I  Meet near the Starting Line, and listen for Announcements. 
9:45AM Graduating Senior Group Photo I  Meet near the Starting Line, and listen for Announcements. 
 12–4:30PM Trick or Treat – Wear a costume (your dog too)  Registration Trailer
Staging Time Start Time Frosh Boys Race
Waves 1 Minute Apart
Lap Count May Change
10:15AM 10:30AM Frosh Boys D1 – Plates 7001-7250 2 laps
11:15AM 11:30AM Frosh Boys D2 – Plates 6001-6250 2 laps
Staging Time Start Time JV2 Boys Race
Waves 1 Minute Apart
Lap Count May Change
12:15PM 12:30AM JV2 Boys D1 – Plates 5001-5250 2 laps
1:15PM 1:30PM JV2 Boys D2 – Plates  4001-4250 2 laps
Staging Time Start Time Freshman Girls Race
Waves 1 Minute Apart
Lap Count May Change
2:15PM 2:30PM Frosh Girls Race Start – Plates   1001-1075 2 laps
Staging Time Start Time JV2 Girls Race
Waves 1 Minute Apart
Lap Count May Change
3:15 PM 3:30PM JV2 Girls Race Start – Plates  501-585 2 laps
 Post Race – Saturday
5:00PM Saturday Racing Awards Ceremony

Sunday – Pre-Ride 8-10:00AM (Last Rider Starts the Course at 9:15AM)

Sunday Special Events Notes
9:15AM Graduating Senior Group Photo II Meet near the Starting Line, and listen for Announcements. 
10:45AM League Family Group Photo (Parents and siblings) II  Meet near the Starting Line, and listen for Announcements. 
 12–2:00PM Trick or Treat – Wear a costume (your dog too)  Registration Trailer
Staging Time Race
Middle School Race
Waves 1 Minute Apart
Lap Ct May Change
9:35AM  9:50AM 8th Grade Boys D1 – Plates 2301-2450 1 lap
9:55AM 10:10AM 8th Grade Boys D2 – Plates 2101-2275 1 lap
10:15AM 10:30AM 7th Grade Boys D1 – Plates 3301-3450 1 lap
10:35AM 10:50AM 7th Grade Boys D2 – Plates 3101-3250 1 lap
10:55AM 11:10AM 8th Grade Girls       – Plates 2001-2075 1 lap
11:15AM 11:30AM 7th Grade Girls       – Plates 3001-3075 1 lap
Staging Time Start Time JV3 Boys Race
Waves 1 Minute Apart
Lap Ct May Change
11:45AM 12:00PM JV3 Boys    – Plates 301-450 3 laps
Staging Time Race
Varsity & JV3 Girls Race Lap Ct May Change
1:15PM 1:30PM Varsity Girls – Plates 1-50 4 laps
1:15PM 1:33PM JV3 Girls      – Plates 201-250 3 laps
Staging Time Start Time Varsity Boys Race
Waves 1 Minute Apart
Lap Ct May Change
2:45PM 3:00PM Varsity Boys       – Plates 101 – 180 4 laps
 Post Race – Sunday
4:30PM Course Tear Down
5:00PM Awards Ceremony