The MN High School Cycling League, a 501 (c)(3) youth development organization, is structured and organized to support the following objectives:

  • Get #morekidsonbikes.
  • Create cycling families.
  • Build cycling communities.

All MN League efforts and programs are overseen by a Board of Directors and managed by a senior leadership staff (aka: Core Staff).

Board of Directors

The board of directors provides strategic guidance for the Minnesota High School Cycling League. While many of these individuals also play other roles, the board’s accountability is to look forward towards new opportunities in getting kids on bikes in Minnesota, and to ensure legal and fiduciary compliance.

  • Gary Sjoquist (Founding Member, 2009)
  • Libby Hurley (Founding Member, 2009)
  • Josh Kleve (Founding Member, 2009)
  • Mary Drew (2015)

Core Staff

The core staff of the Minnesota league are the men and women that make the league happen. They are made up from various backgrounds, geographic locations and represent all key stakeholders. They are the eyes and ears of the organization and strive to provide the best opportunity to get and keep kids on bikes.

Lutsen Adrian (2012) Larry Atneosen (2016) Todd Bauer (2012)
Eileen Bendtsen (2017) Chris Beyer (2018) Nicole Butler (2016)
Derek Chin (2018) Tammy Coyne (2016) Jason Czeskleba (2015)
Dan Gilleece (2016) Emily Good (2018) Michael Groskreutz (2017)
Libby Hurley (2009) Rich Jamieson (2018) Chris Klein (2012)
Josh Kleve (2009) Krista Kleve (2012) Jackie Knight (2012)
Bonnie Larson (2015) Ray Larson (2015) Mary Drew (2015)
Chris Oakley (2016) Kieran Oakley (2018) Henry Praska (2013)
Brett Reinbacher (2013) Kara Schaefer (2013) Jack Smith (2012)
Christina Spencer (2018) Ugur Toson (2018) Joel Woodward (2015)
Owen Woodward (2018) Jeremiah Van Bockern (2012) Rich Van Sickle (2016)
Charlie Zelinger (2017)

Functional Areas

Each core staff member is a part of one or more functional area. In some cases, these areas are defined in the rule book as a committee (example: Rules Committee). Other times, it is a group of people that fulfill a need within the Minnesota High School Cycling League.

League Rules Committee – The league rules committee oversees any appeal made during the race day, oversees the category petition process and is responsible for a participating and voting on the NICA National Rules Committee. The LRC committee members are: Emily Good, Jeremiah Van Bockern, Joel Woodward, Josh Kleve, and Ugur Toson

Race Operations – At its heart, race operations are responsible for putting on all races. Operations is broken into a number of sub-groups to fulfill particular tasks. These are:

  • Registration
  • Timing & Scoring
  • Course Marshals
  • Volunteers
  • Infield
  • Course Set

Out Reach – This group oversees the MN-GRiT program and Try It Out sessions.

Adventure – This group oversees summer camps, day camps and the Dirt School.

Coach Licensing – This group runs the various educational components required to comply with NICA coach licensing including leaders summits, on-the-bike-skills and mountain bike first aid.

Sponsor & Donor Development – This group oversees sponsorship and private donor development.

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