Welcome to the Minnesota High School Cycling League!

The Minnesota High School Cycling League  is a state-wide independent activity provider for student-athletes in 6th to 12th grade. Our mission is to build strong bodies, strong minds and strong character through cycling, regardless of ability level.

Simply put, we get kids on bikes. Student-athletes from 6th through 12th grade come from all corners of the state to ride, and participate programs and races. The majority of these kids have never ridden a mountain bike, let alone raced prior to participating in the league.  Riders come to the league in increasing numbers to ride with friends, make new friends and learn a new sport.  

A Youth Development Program

.The MN League has become more than a racing program,   Most of our student-athletes race but many don’t.  All participate in a great team activity that may become a lifelong sport.  Our program is growing, due to riders’ expanding interest and new trails being developed across the state.. Families often start riding together.  We firmly believe that cycling and an outdoor experience will leave a lasting impression on young minds and bodies.

Get Started

  • Attend a Try it Out Session held throughout the summer
  • Look for a team near you, then contact a coach, or send an inquiry to info@minnesotamtb.org .
    • The coach is your Point Person to guide you through this, regarding the team, training your rider, advising on equipment, needing your support. Coaches are trained and certified.
    • The coach will get your started with your team, and then invite you via email to log in to the NICA Pitzone after April 1.
    • Use your invitation to login to the NICA PITZONE to register for the league, fill in paperwork electronically, pay for races.
  • Check out GRiT MN,  the organization that supports girl riders with a community of other girl riders, women coaches and staff..

Join the MN League Community

  • Subscribe to Single Track Times, a monthly Newsletter, complete with upcoming events and subject-specific articles.  If you have Registered, the PITZONE will automatically sign you up.
  • ‘Like’ and ‘Follow’ Facebook Site to see announcements, pictures, vides and posts by members of the League Community.
  • Explore the MN High School Cycling League Website  to discover:
    • Programs and Events 
    • Reading Lists to Guide you through a lot of content, specific to your interests  (such as the Rider Reading List.)
    • Coaching
    • Our sponsors
    • Volunteering
    • Who we are: values, staff, who to contact
  • Look at photos of our League!

Let’s Talk about Racing

  • Practices Start in July.
  • The racing series goes from late August through Halloween, followed by a Year End Celebration.
  • A ‘Race Flyer’ tells everything there is to know about each race, including registration deadlines/costs, directions, parking, pre-ride information and expected day race schedule.  View all Race Flyers for the current race season at http://www.minnesotamtb.org/events.
  • To learn about the race day, view  Race FAQs
  • Get Involved! Volunteer for the races. There are many volunteer positions, and we need you. You will meet other parents, the race core staff and it’s Fun!
  • Watch your rider race. Encourage them. Feed them. They are taking on a challenge that will help them grow.