For every team participating in a race, there is a formally designated acting Coach-on-Duty (or COD) at the venue for the entirety of a race day.  The COD is expected to be onsite and available without delay to be contacted by race officials from pre-ride, during the races and until the race results are finalized. This is clearly laid out in the Rule Book under ‘Duty of Care’.

CODs are the first call to help resolve a situation – and to help locate parents, as needed.  If the acting COD does not respond, the Team Head Coach will be contacted.  When the acting COD is contacted, the situation may be resolved with a simple phone call, or may require the COD’s physical presence.. Typical situations include: medical questions, rule infractions or timing questions.

Located Near the Finish Line at the Maxxis Tent

Coach-on-Duty Roster

The MN League Chief Referee maintains a roster with acting COD names and mobile phone numbers for every team participating in the race weekend covering 4 time slots for the weekend.  Initially, the team’s head coach is assigned as the acting COD for every time slot, Saturday AM, Saturday PM, Sunday AM, and Sunday PM,

View the Current Roster

Updating the COD Roster

  • To update the names for team(s)  on the COD Roster online, the head coach submits updates using the COD Update Form (supplying acting COD name/contact info for selected races and time slots).   The COD update Form can be used at the beginning of the season, or repeatedly whenever additional changes are needed, prior to Race Weekend Use the COD Update Form
  • To update the COD Roster at the race venue, changes will be accepted onsite by the Race Referee at the Maxxis tent near the finish line.


If an acting COD must leave the venue for any reason, they need to formally hand off the role to another eligible coach by reporting the change to the Referee.   Or a coach may name themselves as acting COD by providing their own contact information for the day’s race time slots in person to the Referee at the Maxxis tent .