As we continue to monitor the situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we are taking steps to help protect the health and well-being of our student-athletes, coaches and families.

Suggestions and Feedback

We are always interested in hearing your feedback and suggestions.  Over the years, we have acted on feedback and suggestions from parents, racers, coaches, volunteers, sponsors and community partners.

All Feedback and Suggestions are submitted through our on-line  Feedback & Suggestion Form.

Suggestions are reviewed during monthly core staff meetings held January through August. Depending on the suggestion made, it will be adopted, sent to committee for further discussion, or declined. If there is not a clear solution and the issue is of high importance, the core staff may decide to leverage additional tools such as a focus group.

All suggestions are evaluated on several key criteria, these are:

  • Does this fit with our mission and vision to get more kids on bikes?
  • Is this inclusive and equal?
  • What is the net benefit to our users?
  • Is this sustainable?

The league works in an annual cycle, so suggestions made in season, if adopted, usually will not be rolled out until the following season. There are limited resources within volunteer driven organizations, and while we would like to adopt all good ideas, in many cases the League will need to prioritize which initiatives to undertake each year.

Suggestions Regarding Rules
A special note about rule suggestions. Rules can be submitted to the League Rules Committee (LRC) using this Feedback & Suggestion Form at anytime throughout the year. They are reviewed in the first quarter of each year. Depending on the suggestion(s), focus groups may be convened to investigate suggestions on a particular topic with high impact.

All items approved by the LRC are then recommended to the National Rule Committee (NRC) for a review and vote. Minnesota occupies a single voting seat on the NRC. Passing items are then incorporated into the Minnesota High School Cycling League Rule Book the following year.

Submission & Review Process:

  • Submit feedback or a suggestion using the Feedback & Suggestion Form.
  • Suggestions are reviewed by the Core Staff during monthly meetings between January and August.
  • Suggestions received during the race season (July 1 – Oct 31) are held for review in January of the following year.
  • All suggestions are prioritized and evaluated for impact across the entire league, including impacts to all teams, coaches, riders, parents, volunteers, expense and racing capabilities.
  • Suggestions that are approved by the Core Staff and the Board of Directors will be considered for adoption.
  • Program changes are implemented prior to the start of the program, I.E. racing program changes are only implemented prior to the start of a race season.
  • Changes are in effect for the entire year, at a minimum.
  • Due to the number of suggestions, we can not respond directly to each submitter.