The Minnesota High School Cycling League will stage 6 regular season races and 1 state championship event in the 2018 fall season.

Regular League Season: 6 races will be single day events featuring the same middle/high school racing format as utilized in previous seasons.

State Championship: This race will be a 2-day event, with pre-ride on Friday and races held on both Saturday and Sunday. As in previous seasons, all teams and racers are invited to participate in the state championship.

Team Racing Season: The racing season for each team will consist of 4 of the 6 regular season races and 1 state championship event. Each team will have two “bye” weeks that are selected by the team coach prior to the start of the racing season.  The list of teams racing for a given week will be published as a link on the week’s Race Flyer and can be confirmed online.

"Bye Weeks"  allow the MN League riders to race with fewer riders on the course at any regular season race.  Bye weeks allow all categories to race on one day for the regular season.   The State Championship is spread over two days to accommodate all riders.

Bye Week Selection:  There is a draw for coaches, normally scheduled the weekend of the Leaders' Summit, to determine Bye Weeks for their team. Check Single Track Times for reminders.

  • Teams that are fully documented and registered in the pit zone will draw a number at the Leaders' Summit.  (Content to be Developed)
  • Teams registering after June 1 will have the bye-week race assigned by the League Director to insure race participant balance*.
    *The League determines Race Participant Balance, using last year’s actual number of participating racers (not current sign ups) per team as criteria.
  • New teams will be assigned the “bye” races by the League Director.
    Individual racers will be assigned an “bye” race by the League Director.
    Each Team will receive a confirmation of their 4 races and the assigned “off” race weeks.

Bye Week Notes:

  • No team or individual will be permitted to participate in their assigned “Bye” race.
  • “Bye” races cannot be changed or traded by individuals or teams once assigned.
  • Callups and Overall Season Scoring take Bye Weeks into account.

Planning Ahead

  • The goal for the future is that a team’s season will remain 4 races and a state championship.
  • The Minnesota League will review the number of teams, racers and races annually. The League will add additional league races as needed to ensure a balanced, safe and fair race experience for all.
  • This structure is scalable to over 2000 racers, so we do not anticipate any further major changes to the season structure in the coming years.

Last update:  March 1, 2018